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"Live and let go. Don't be held by what you can't control. Keep moving forward"
Hi guys how have you been? It's been almost a month since my last post, and i'm sorry for that. A lot of things happened in November. Yup, a lot of difficulties too. Many things that I had planed out didn't work out, and got me thinking, "Am I a control freak?", and I guess that is the area where I oftenly feel dissapointed. I tend to plan things for my life and future, then when something knocked me down, I fell a part, because I'm not prepared for the plan B plan.. But then, November almost ends, and it thought me a valuable lesson. Actually this lesson is similar with the quote, "When life give you lemonsm, make lemonade!" Indeed that is true! So let me tell you my November Lemons story :)
So first, I broke my phone. Originally I use Samsung Galaxy S4, but then It won't start or charged because of the battery and Internal problem. (I learned now, not communicating with anyone for a whole week was not a good feeling), then my brother gave me his old phone, Samsung S3. Then you know what guys? I'm too cleaver, the phone droped and cracked the LCD (now let me tell you, that's a record because I had used that phone for only 3 days), then my laptop got issues too! (my photos and all my data were there, hopefully I could fix it when I go back to Indonesia), Then my curling iron broke too, and then many more.. As you can see many things didn't turn out they I wanted it to be. The thing that bugs me the most is that I couldn't use my laptop for a month or so..
Then one day I was so pissed off due to my situation, and I asked God, "why do You let bad things keep on happening to me?", as simple as that, God gave me His answer. He wants me to figure things out, creatively, because there is a way out.
In every situation that you faced, you could either be pissed of and be mad all day, or you could think of a solution, and try to make things better.
As for me , I learned to trust God, and let Him take care of my life.
So guys try to think the brightside out of everything! eventually good things will happen, if it meant for us, so keep moving forward, and have faith <3 em="">
Also, the photos for my blog are mostly in my laptop (hopefully i could get it recover), so here is my old shot that I didn't consider at first to post.
P.S. more post coming soon
Have a good day! :)
Stephanie Gee

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