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Remember the first time you started something? There's always a reason for it, and that reason will always motivated you to keep on going. Furthermore as I'm writing these words, my mind is focus on one thing, I love Fashion. Yes that simple 3 words. First of all, I know I've been away for like months. I couldn't distribute my time to focus on this blog, then I came across this crazy mind, "Should I just forget about this whole blogging thing?", then my heart answered "No". So before I continue on with the whole story, I think I need to give a summary about my current life now (yes, just a simple short summary, not an essay *promise*).
Time flies so fast! Yeah that phrase is so damn true! I am officially graduated, Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance from University of London. As you all know, I took my degree in Singapore, and talking  about it, let me give you my flashback and how I love  living there. It's kinda weird though, because not many of my Indonesian friends like staying in Singapore. But weirdly, I loved it. I like how that country thought me to be mature, how to take care of myself, how to develop your own self, but most of all that place had thought me to be person that I am today. Well, I keep on saying the postivites, but there were things that I knew I couldn't adapt to. Such as the competitiveness of every individuals. It's like everyone is in a race competing with one another, who gets the best in whatever areas there were, who got the best jobs, who got the highest scores. well boo to all of that! You should enjoy life, and for me, the only race I'm on is the race of my own destiny. You are your own competition, is either you are stuck on that same spot, screaming like you want to give up, or you can choose to stand up, continue with the race to reach your final destination.
Then talking about destination, I'm reaching another stop in my life. I'm super nervous, but I know life must go on. In October, I will start a new journey as a working adult in Singapore. Yes, I'm thankful God has given me the opportunity to be able to stay in Singapore for few more years, and I'm excited, because I'll be working in a retail Industry. You know what? God knows the desire of your heart, so let me share a bit of my waiting period of my unemployed moments.
Finding a job in Singapore is super hard. I know for sure that my heart is still there, and I'm not ready to go back and work in Jakarta, my home town. Then I prayed to God, asking for this one thing, "God, give me a job..", those were one of my emotional moments during these year. Days by days passed by, few of my friends got their self a job, but not me. When you were in school/university you scream all the time when will holiday come, but when you're stuck doing nothing, you start to feel devastated. I sent out many of my resumes, my daily routine would consist of going to my University's computer lab, sitting for hours, opening many tabs, and sent out as many as resumes as possible. There were many closed doors, so far there were 5 interviews I went to. There were a times were I felt confident that I could proceed to the next stage of the recruitment process, but then the door closed because I couldn't proceed. Then there were times I already prepare 50 of my resumes, but when I came to the career fair the door was closed because I didn't hold an official pass at that time. Then there was a time where I put my hopes out for the company, but the job was not in Singapore. So many closed door, but I still believe God had a purpose for me. This process has thought me, It's not a  matter are you good enough or not, but It's about consistency, keep practicing your interviewing skills, and keep praying, the best will come. Finally after months of waiting, I got it. So friends, don't give up ok?
Move forward, now I have a month to really focus on this blog. I remembered the feeling when I was preparing this, I was nervous. It's been a long time since I did this, so yeah I'm nervous. But back to the first paragraph, I had a reason when I started this blog back in 2009. I love Fashion. That's it, I couldn't proceed to be an expert at Fashion, I didn't get the chance to take a Fashion major as my Bachelor Degree, I didn't have the best SLR/ or any HD Camera that gives great photos, I didn't have the perfect body to display all the clothes that I like, but you know what IT'S OK :). Back to square one. I did this for myself, I'm not a full time blogger, but I am a full time Story Teller. So here's my story, as long as you love this, and it's in your blood, Just keep do it! No one can stop you.

Anyway this new blog comeback will be different than before! I will not only post about Fashion, I'll post about my other passion, such as cooking, healthy life style, make up (my current addiction for a year), and my personal life lessons. It's gonna be exciting!
Now back to OOTP (Outfit of Today's Post). So nowadays I really like to try different coffee shop, doing "me time". You know the typical me time for me is reading, blogging, browsing, sketching, and listening to music. It's a must for me to have that so called "me time" at least once a week. How do you like to spend your "me time"? As  for this post, I have my best friend with me.  Basically we both did our "me time" but together, which made it great.
top  - Bangkok, shorts - The Editors Market, shoes - Mango, Accessories - unbranded, Bag - Grandma's
Place : Crematology Coffee Roasters, Jl Suryo no 25
The food was great, I ordered the Nutella Frape drink, and it tasted delicious.
See you in my next post!
Stephanie Gee

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