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Today's post is definitely my favorite, and it's about..... "CONTOURING!" the technique that everyone tries to achieve for that slimmer face, or the effect that makes your face more pop! So here it is, not just any basic contouring, but I tried the fun way of it, which the recent trend Clown Contouring. I will list all of the products that I used, and share the tips and tricks! 
Products used :
0.  The Porefessional by Benefit
1. Basic Foundation (as the base ) : MAC Longwear Pro Foundation, "NC 30 "
(my fav for years) this foundation is definitely a yes for those with acne problems, redness, or blemishes that they wish to cover. The coverage is medium to high.
1. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer shade "NC 30"
2. MAC Professional Cosmetics
3. MAC CremeBlend Blush in "Something Special"
4. LA Girl Pro Concealer in shade "Toast"
5. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer in "Light"
6. MAC Professional Cosmetics
You can try different ways of contouring, I mean you can try other than a clown contouring technique!You can draw literally anything, like flower, heart, or even writings. The most important thing is to remember which features of your face that you want to emphasize. Use the dark concealer/dark foundation to emphasize your cheek bone, to get the slimmer effect, If you had wide forehead, use the dark concealer to contour your side forehead to make it smaller. On the other hand, use the lighter concealer for highlight, use it under your eye to get those eye bags away! (use a red undertone concealer to cover your under eye! it always do the trick), and for your cheek, use a cream blush!after all the cream base is set, you can set it with a setting powder and use bronzer and a highlighter :). 
Try try try, and once you get the hang of it you will realize how fun it is! Here I'm gonna write a bit review of all the products that I've used.
0. Benefit Primer
Before doing your make up, primer is a must! And for me, I tried many different primers, but this Benefit Porefessional is a must have. The color is like a concealer, and it doesn't live a dry effect on your skin. Like what some primer did, when you finish primering you will get the dry effect and it affected your foundation, and give that cakey effect.
1. MAC Pro Longwear Foundation "NC 30" and MAC Pro Longwear Concelear in "NC 30"
I have been using this product for ages. For a makeup lover, I gonna be honest, I am a big fan of MAC. Their products are to die for, and the quality is superb. During my high school days, I was known for this "full face acne girl". Yes growing up I always have this insecurity with the way I look. I have many acnes, and it affected my face, it gave me big pores and redness. But this foundation is different. I was not confident going bare face with my acnes and my doctor's cream. I need something to cover up, and this foundation had been my best friend ever since. MAC foundation didn't damage or worsen my acne condition, but it just covered it. Ever since, it's always been my favorite foundation ever. 
Also the pro longwear concealer is the bomb! The coverage is amazing, especially for you who have spots from acnes. The concealer is not heavy at all, but the coverage is what amazed me. You can also use it for highlighting your under eye, because it will cover it up.
(2 and 6 in the photo above) MAC Professional
This one is the 12 colors concealer palette that I bought from carousell (Singapore's online shop)
It was a fun palette, but overall is not that amazing. But the variety in the colors is what amazed me, because I can experiment!
3. MAC Cream Blush
 I'm not a big fan of cream blushes, but it's MAC anyway, and I always loved their products! This color "Something Special" is rather similar to MAC's "Melba" It is a fresh rosy coral, with an orange undertone. It's perfect once you blend it with bronzer, it gives you that narrow cheekbone, and slimmer face for sure.
4.  LA Girl Pro Concelear
Yes, for a not high end products, LA Girl is the bomb! Super love their products, especially this concealer. It's easy to apply, and feels light on your skin. I bought this shade "Toast" on purpose, because I'm looking for a dark concelear to contour my face.
5. Maybelline Instant Age Concelear in "Lighr"
For you beauty lover, this products is not something unfamiliar. Almost in every beauty tutorials, many beauty gurus use this product as a highlighter. I mean who wouldn't in love with this product? Light, easy to apply (it's actually super fun to use it), and the effect on your face is amazing (not to heavy, but settle), the applicator feels soft on the skin. But I don't recommend this product to be used for covering redness/spots, since the coverage is not too high.
*NARS Laguna Bronzer and Orgasm Blush*
The Bronzer is amazing, one of my favorite bronzer of all time, but the blush is what amazed me every time. The shade is coralish with a bit of shimmer. It gives that perfect glow to your skin, and give that flawless finish.
*MAC Matchmaster Concelar "1" *
This is pact concealer, with a better coverage. I use it for highlighter, and covering my eye bags. It's easy to apply, and blend well with your skin.
*The Balm Highlighter "Mary-Lou Manizer" *
Who doesn't love a highlighter?  It gives that sparkle, that makes your face effortlessly stunning.This highlighter is amazing, The Balm is know for their fun packaging, and this one is my favorite. The shimmer doesn't have to much glitter, but the right amount of it that makes your face noticeable :).
And I really one to share this super amazing quote that I found on Path. This post really gave goosebumps, since I realized that everyone of us wants to be in their own "happy place". But the difference from our dreams and reality is just a matter of ACTION. So no more excuses, if you really want something for your life right now, Do It. Step by step you may fail, but pick yourself again and try again :)

See you in my next post!

Stephanie Gee

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