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 Staying in Jakarta for the past 3 weeks, made me realized that the weather is so hot and humid! It rarely rain, and all you want to do is to be inside a room with aircon. That's why is hard to look stylish, but comfortable. That's why during this season, I love wearing my hot pants! I'm a big fan of shorts, mainly hot pants if you want to go casual. But in this occasion, you can combine the hot pants with a fancy top, to still get that ootd ready!!
 top - The Editor's Market, hot pants - Mango, shoes - Charless and Keith, necklace - unbranded, bag - Celine
Finding the right hot pants/shorts is difficult, especially if you have concern with your fat thighs (like me). I'm not confident about my thighs, I tried to work on it by doing many exercises, but still sometimes you just wish to find the right hot pants that emphasize your curviness. So why look somewhere else, when you can look at it at ZALORA website "Hot Pants"? I'm a big fan of Zalora, and been a loyal buyer since ever. So when I saw this ZALORA website promoting their "Hot Pants" season, I just gotta look at it to buy my next hot pants.
 So have confident in yourself, if you have insecurities like me about your thighs (or anywhere else) work on it, eat right, and do a lot of exercises. But don't let your insecurities stop you from wearing anything you want, especially hot pants. When you find the right hot pants, everything will look right :)


Stephanie Gee

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