Counting Days

9:02 PM

Time flies like crazy.

There are days where it felt like forever, but there are days that felt like a blink of an eye. Yes time is ticking, there's nothing you can do to make it stop. But what you can do is to make everything counts. To give your heart in every single thing you do, and create memories.

Do you know there's only 41 Days left before 2016 comes , 35 days left until Christmas (yes!) and when you look back, you got yourself wondering, 

"What have you accomplished in 2015? "
"Have you become the better you this year?"
"Have you got that thing you always wanted since years ago?"
"Have you showed enough love to those who matters to you?"
"Have you deepen your faith?"

New year means new page, but it also means new opportunities, and new chances. So what I'm gonna do next is to keep on trying, to keep on being better, and not giving up for my final pages of 2015!

So that's just my thoughts. But to update on my recent life, life has been hectic, but I'm grateful for the job that I have now. Is just that it's hard to find balance now between life outside work ad work. But I will keep on trying and stay committed to this blog!

Stephanie Gee

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