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First of all, I miss blogging so much. I learned the value of time now, where every second matters and you should learn to appreciate things more. And now finding the time to take pictures for my blog is so difficult, but I want to stay committed. Because this blog has been my baby, has been with me throughout my fragile moments, this blog has become my virtual diary. So I will keep moving on, and try to my best to keep updating!
Outfit of today's post : 
top - scape market Singapore
hat - scape market Singapore
skirt - topshop
shoes - Stardivarius
 Make up of today's post (and yes, I miss this hair color and this length. my hair grows so fast!)
This might be a lengthy post, but I just want to share what's on my thoughts. There might be a blogger who speaks through pictures, but I'm not the case. I don't have the skill to be a writer, but I'm a story teller, and I love stories (all kind of them), so here it goes.

The first thing that comes into my mind when writing titanium is that it means toughness.
adjective (of a substance or object) strong enough to withstand adverse conditions or rough or careless handling.
  1. Yes that word determines everything. Is a matter of a question,
  2. "Do you think you're tough enough to face the world?"

  3. Some can answer yes,
  4. Some can answer, hmm maybe,
  5. Some can answer, I'm trying my best,
  6. Some can answer, no I'm not,
  7. And some answers are just simply an illusion.

The point is, we may or we may not think we're tough enough, but in reality is the reverse.  You may think you've been on a phase where after that phase you can say, "yes i'm stronger and i'm tougher", but in reality the answer is no. You're just giving yourself an excuse. Because when you see the real person who is tough, you can finally realize that no you are not there yet.

Then what happened to me. Saying the word tough it's easy, but doing it in action is the difficult part. It's easy to let your inner child comes out whenever bad things happened. You just simply complain and say I have the worst life ever. But then you realized, you have been closing your eyes all these times. Look around you, that's what I told to myself.

This life you have now is beautiful if you wanted it to be, but it can also be dark if you see it wrongly. Learn to see your life as a journey, you have to see that final destination, that happy place you're going to.
Learn to pick yourself up after you fall and feel week. Gain your strength step by step, where in every bad times you can see the outcome as "yes i'm stronger now"
Learn to appreciate more, to see life as a gift. Where the people you meet are not by accident, it's a purpose. Show more appreciation to the person you love, show that their presence matters to you.
Learn to be positive, and spread love wherever you go. Because the truth is this world needs more love, A lot of them.
Learn to love yourself enough. Why is this important? well , how can you give love when you don't understand the meaning of love? love starts by accepting yourself, realizing that you have received that love first when God created you.
Learn that you have a value. Yes you do. The value that you have may not appear to all people, but you know it, God knows it, and those who loved you see it too.

So every outcome of your life now could increase the level of your toughness. Everyone got their own level, never compare. You can say I'm so tough, but then you see other's story and you might take your own word back because they are the real proof being tough. But it's ok, everyone got their own story, we all have our own lessons, and we are being processed in different ways to become stronger. No matter what you're phasing now, you have the strength to face it.

Remember by the end of the day, you will be stronger, you will reach higher, and you'll finally gain the definition of tough. You are TITANIUM.

This thought was inspired by a true story. To those who endured a lot of fights in their life, yes you guys are titanium. I'm not on that level yet, but I'm on my way.

"My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness."
2 Corinthians 12 : 9

See you in my next post!

Stephanie Gee

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  1. loving this sophisticated look and your makeup is on point! <3 anw yeah sometimes when im down and feel like completely unfortunate, i realized that other ppl also have lots of obsctacles to pass. guess we just hv to be thankful for what we have and be tough!



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