Undo Button

3:15 AM

Something random that came to my mind. If there's such thing as an "undo button", what moments in your life would you want to erase? I know it's a crazy thought, and an impossible invention, one might say. But there were moments in my life, where after it happened I was like, 

"Gosh, I wish I didn't say that"
"Omg, that was embarrassing! delete delete delete!"
"Grrrr, if only that mistake didn't happen!"
"If only that didn't happen, the rest would be perfect"

Well, we might have our own regrets, but by the end of the day is how you pick yourself up right? Remember, your attitude is the thing that determines your situation. So keep on the positivism ok? We still got time to make this year worth remembering for <3 p="">

Anyway, updating my current life, recently I'm feeling under the weather. Literally, the weather in Singapore sucks, It rains all the time, then got a bit of sun, the rain again. Then life has been more chaotic, finding time for this is even harder, and there's a part of me that miss my old self. It's not a complaining statement tho :), It's ok to remember the moments who you used to be, but it's better not be stuck in the past. I need to carry on and hope the best for the future. I remembered the things that happened now are the things that I used to pray every night with tears, so I should be grateful right? 
Ah humans, we're always like that, but don't get stuck, need to move on, and  make each day counts!

Oh yeah.. Today's post also from a shoot that I took long long time ago (months ago). I miss my long hair! I miss my brown hair also, See I'm missing too many things now. Need to end writing about it here, or else I will live in the past lol 

today's outfit : 
top - MDS Singapore 
bottom - unbranded
shoes - Stardivarius
counting days till Christmas. Have you guys prepare presents? :)
Enjoy this season of Christmas guys 

Stephanie Gee

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