Just Keep Swimming

7:19 AM

There are days where you can't fool yourself that it's gonna be ok. It's easy to say something positive, but to ACT positive is tough. Yes, we faced things that we wish it wouldn't happened, but it just did. We wish it would turn out better the next day, but it just didn't, things just kept on being bad. Then how can you react to this? For me, it's a matter of your attitude by the end of the day. Yes I need time, I need time to think, to regain my strength, to surround myself with positive energy, and try again the next day. Things will get better, that's what I keep on telling myself. 

Remember the movie Finding Nemo? Gosh, it was a flashback talking about Nemo. I miss my childhood, and it feels just like yesterday watching this movie. But the point is, there's this one phrase that got into my mind. When Dorry said, "Just Keep Swimming". Yeah problems may come into your way, but you need to pick yourself up and move on. It's ok to take your time and just recover, we all need that phase. But don't drown yourself for too long, you need to be back and become stronger.

One last thing, life is a choice. This post might be a life based post, but it's true. At certain time, you need to become like a wine. The older it gets, the nicer the taste. So you understand that as you head to maturity, you have the reach that certain level of  wisdom and responsibilities. My inner child sometimes come in and wants to take the easy way out. But then, I remembered that what happens now in my life are the things that I wish for. So I have to take the consequence, and be responsible for what I wish for. 

Can I do this?
Yes, you can cha :)

Stephanie Gee

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