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"The pages of yesterday can't be revised, but the pages of tomorrow are blank and you hold the pen. Make it an inspiring story."

Life is about writing pages of stories. There's no right or wrong when you do it, you live life spontaneously. Some have plans for their life, some just go with the flow. As you keep on writing, you realized that your pen ink started to dry off, or you ran out of pages. At that moment you take a step back to stop writing, and look through the pages that you wrote. You've then realized how far you have gone.

Writing this got me feels of how far I have go. This year marks my 4th year in Singapore. Time flies, and life goes on. So I just feel like writing to track down my journey. This blog has been faithful since 2009, keeping my stories in the right place, so when i read through it again, I remembered bits of the memories that has gone through. So here is my current update,

( me in 2016 )

So I'm currently employed as I have mentioned in my previous post, BUT i never mention which industry i'm working in nor my job. So I've decided to share my experience here.
I have been working for 6 months in UNIQLO Singapore. It's retail industry, something that is unexpected since my degree was Banking and Finance. So sharing a bit of this profession, is a fast paced job. It requires a lot of your energy, skills, time, and training.
It's very physical and challenging, and it requires a lot of self motivation in order for you to get through it. It's not easy, I'm still adapting until this day, but I'm trying my best every single day. Since it's a Japanase company, it trained me to be more discipline, and always seeking my flaws so that I have area to improve. So there's one question that people might ask,

"why Singapore ? Why not going back home and just seek a future there?"
first of all it's my decision to stay here. I have to take all the consequences, eventually this is what I wish for. So being an adult now, I'm trying to take full responsibilities of all the decisions that I've made. Weather you're happy or not about it, it's a matter of your perspective.

So that's a brief about my job. But guys, in this post I want to share something more deep. It's about that transition. It;s not easy moving on from one stage in life to another stage. It might be a big step and you might be scared. But life is a never ending learning process. I learned so many things in these past few months, and I want to share it, like : 

You have to be responsible for your own decision.
You no longer depends on your parents, you have to learn to walk on your own.
You have to find that motivation to keep you going.
You can't give up easily on things that you've started
You have to learn to have self control, control your feelings and be an adult
You have to take care of yourself
You have to learn to see things from different perspective

Among all of that, what stood me the most was seeing responsibility in a whole new level. If you made mistake, admit it, and try again to improve.

so many things right ? yup, in a short while I learned all of that. I believe everyone face that stage, that transition stage. During your education days, parents planed, and figure things out for you. Now once you finish your studies, it's YOU who take the control. It's my choice to stay in Singapore even though my parents asked me to go back home. It's my choice to stay. Sometimes when uncomfortable things happened, my inner child wants to cry out, but it's different now, you have to learn to control and keep things more to yourself. It's ok, it makes you stronger. You have to go through something difficult in order for you to appreciate things more. 
I'm not the person when I was last year, nor yesterday. Everyday is a learning process, so try to keep improving yourself everyday.

Sometimes, I do miss the old me. The youthful spontaneous me (geez I sound so old now), but yeah I do miss it. I miss having the time to discover myself. I miss doing my passion, I miss spending the time with my loved ones, I miss the old me. But if I keep on comparing my old me and the new me, will I grow? No, I wouldn't. Situations change, You have to adjust to your condition, and that's why you changed too. Once I share my thoughts with a taxi driver (you know sharing your thoughts with a stranger that you'll probably will not meet again is always a good idea). I said to him how much my life changed now, how I lost my life balance, how I miss my old self. Then this old taxi driver said to me, and He said, "welcome to reality my dear. You miss who you were because you had the time flexibility back then. You were in your comfort zone. Now things changed, and you have to learn to adapt and see the bright side in it". I was like wow, this uncle was correct, maybe I'm still in that transition shock? But oh well, now I learn to slowly enjoy it. I may not always be positive all the time, but I know that I need to be my own cheerleader. 

In order for you to grow, you have to go out from your comfort zone, and adapt.

So dear future me when you read this, maybe another 1 year? 3 years? 5 years?
As much as you miss your old you, always believe you are on your way to something better. Like what Joyce Meyer said, "I may not be where I need to be, but thank God I'm not where I used to be!". So no matter how much life takes you, believe that you have the power to go through all of that. Trust in your values, in your beliefs, never let anyone doubt yourself. Bring light and blessing wherever you go, no matter how dark it is. Always see the beauty in everything. Have courage and be kind!

Your old you (10 April 2016)

Sometimes it's scary to look for the unseen future. But believe God's plan is to prosper you not to harm you. His covenant is like a rainbow, forever true.

By the way,
I do want to share some photos today! It's really hard to find the right moment to take photos since I'm working (again I know this is not an excuse), but I managed to take few shots when I went back home to Jakarta. A simple one, featuring my tiny friend.
 top - Betty and Jo
Also, I forgot to mention that I have officially relaunch the theme of this blog! It's more neutral, bold, and simply me in 2016.
So I'm excited to share my journey in this blog.
See you in my next post!

Stephanie Gee

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