the adult and the kid hanging out together

9:21 AM

hey ho! :D i just got back from the mall today. And it was so fun! I'm hanging out with my friend Kezia. she's a friend from school and the cool part is , she's going to the same high school like me! yippie :) anyway, here's a pic of us having fun in Grand Indonesia and a little bit of Plaza Indonesia.

what me and kezia wear. can you see the different style ? she looks more adult than me.hahhaa. i think i looks too childish today :p

what i wear.
blazer - mom's, top - unbranded, skirt - unbranded, bag - itc mangga dua

i ate orangeberry :) yumm yumm and we also ate deli manjoo.. super delicious. but it was soooo hot! maybe i burn my tongue.

what we ate for dinner.

and again another yogurt for me :) hahaha. this is our dessert . super delicious!

and this is what i bought at diva. it was discount! i just love accessories.

i also bought a heels at some store. ( sorry i just can't tell )

and when i wear it, this is what happened. :( oh gosh! maybe my luck isn't for shoes.
ohh yeah, there's a funny part about today's hang out. when we were in orangeberry, someone came to us and ask about yogurt like some kinda interview ( i think) and she said she's from gadis magazine . hahhaa. maybe it's our luck today. and maybe we'll be featured in gadis magazine . haha. yeyy us!
good night . :)

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