my lovely ruffle SKIRT :)

4:13 AM

top - unbranded, skirt - itc mangga dua, shoes - dbute, bag - gaudi, bow - D.I.Y

cardigan - unbranded, top - unbranded, skirt - itc mangga dua, tights - unbranded, heels - evb, watch - forever 21

cardigan - unbranded, top - unbranded, bow - D.I.Y, watch - forever 21, skirt - itc mangga dua
my current obsession ruffle skirt :) this is actually my old pic, but i just really love wearing this skirt! especially if you wear it with heels. oh my.

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  1. echa! i love your third look with your hair tied in ponytail and your cardigan. soo asian! :D



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