don't push the limit.

10:30 AM

today is another busy day for me! wohhh. first i went to a garage then off to roxy mas then taman anggrek mall. :) i went there with my mom and brother. i just love them soo much! anyway, i ate yogurt twice! first was jcool, the second was sour sally. i know, I'm a maniac. but seriously i do learn my lesson today. my tummy hurt after the second yogurt. ohh, i don't feel like I'm wanting a yogurt for now. :(

here's what i wear
dress - unbranded, shoes - itc mangga dua, accessories - forever 21, bag - bangkok

the second yogurt of the day! i ate sour sally's pinklicious with honeystars and almond topping.
this is my first time trying the honeystars and almond. i kinda like the honeystars but for no for the almond.

this is a pic that i took when i was in the elevator.

my flat shoes has a hello kitty in it :) if you see closer.wkwk

ooo yeah, before i left, i make a d.i.y with a whitener. just wait and see, okey?

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