saturday madness! ( what a tight day )

8:31 AM

seriously, when i woke up i never imagined this day could be so madness! hahaha. it's fun but I'm so tired now. anyway this day starts up when i woke up. i felt bored. the plan is only to go to the doctor. nothing else. but i miss jcool :( . so i asked my mom if we can go to puri mall. and the craziness begun!

this is what i wear today
top - unbranded, skirt - mom's, shoes - Trace, bag - gaudi, bangles - random.

me and my mom both enjoy yogurt :) super yummy!
* my mom's topping : longan, strawberry ( she wants peach but i accidentally ordered strawberry), and mochi.
* me : strawberry mochi, melon mochi, strawberry jam, and longan.

i met my bestie patty at puri mall. and we hang out together :)

and i met my other bestie feve! she felt soo confident today, but i can't tell why because is quite embarrassing. :p

me and patty ordered starbucks. i order green tea frappucino and patty ordered ice blended chocolate.

FYI, my shoes are fixed! yeyy! i can wear it now. but i'm still trauma :(

me goofing around. hahah :3

oh yeahh.. there's a funny story why patty's nose bleeding. hahaha. so when we were goofing and fooling around the straw of her drink accidentally snob her! wkwkkwk. and it went through her nose hole. hahha. so poor patty. she hurt her nose today :p

after i went to puri indah mall, i went to my grandma house and met the lovely baby Fiona. but too bad i can't post about her :( after that me and my brother went to the doctor. but we waited too long. so we decided to go to MG. ( a music store)

this what i bought for my lovely guitar.
a guitar soft case, guitar strap, and a guitar light string :)

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