FASHION is for fun!

11:57 PM

this is what i wear to grand indonesia last saturday with my friends
blouse - mom's, tank - unbranded, skirt - itc mangga dua, shoes - dbute, watch - forever21, bag - gaudi

another forever21 maxi dress hahaha i love it too much

this what i called an artistic dress. i really love the pattern. ohh and FYI it is a Forever 21 maxi dress.
tank - unbranded, skirt - ITC mangga dua, tights - unbranded, shoes - dbute, hairclip - singapore

tank - unbranded, blazer - mom's,skirt-itc mangga dua, tights - unbranded, shoes - dbute, necklace - D.I.Y

see?i do love fashion. hahaha. in my spare time i like to mix and match my own clothes. hahaha. i guess fashion is super fun!


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