we did it! yeahh !!

10:12 AM

i'm gonna miss all of my friends in junior high school :( i mean, everything past so fast. i didn't realize it's been 3 years already and now, i'm gonna leave. wow. so fast. i just want to thanks all of my teachers and friends for all of their supports :) thanks guys!! i'm gonna miss you so much. 'i think i'm gonna cry!' hiks :( but this is the life. just do the best you can , right? anyway, here's more pic of graduation.

angel, feve, me, and patty

feve, patty, and me

jeje and me

jeje me and catherine

hey, this is what i wear! hehhe.
blouse - mom's, tie - unbaranded, skirt - itc mangga dua, bag - bangkok.

kezia and me
things really changed now. :( wuh i'm scared. FYI, my make up is like a city clown. i hate it :( if you see a closer look at my eyes, you will see the weird eye liner!bluek

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