happy family dinner! :)

10:49 AM

tonight we ( me,mom,dad,brother,grandma,and grandpa ) were supposed to go to the church. but we were late and we decided to have dinner at some restaurant :) and we chose pondok laguna. a really great seafood restaurant! extra delicious, especially the tahu! yumm yumm :)

there's a mini fountain and a garden in the restaurant :)

the table number is 8! my favourite and lucky number.

i ate cendol as the appetiser. delicious! but not sweet enough.

the main dish.!

after i finish my dinner. my plate is soo messy! haha

after dinner, we went to my father's closest doctor friend. you know what? i don't understand exactly who he is, but his very close to my family. we also met a cute baby, she's a blaster ! a mix of American and Chinese. how adorable !!!
P.S, she's a girl!

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